Red Back in our backyard

We were doing this experiment with my daughter but if you look closely, you can see something is resisting not to come out of the tap with the water.


It turned out to be a redback spider which I hadn’t seen before !



Lorenz Curve Slides

Here are the slides of the “Lorenz Curve” paper I presented on Friday in UWA. I will give link to the full paper soon (some slight edits on the paper is still going on).

Income Density Estimation

All measurements of poverty, inequality and so forth rely in some ways on estimation of a representation of an income (or consumption) distribution. The most commonly used representation is the PDF therefore in this post I review common ways of density estimation. The excellent handbook chapter of Cowell and Flachaire (2015) covers this topic in some details (see also Lubrano 2013). My take here is instead brief, informal, and based on personal experiences. Continue reading

A Prize for “Economic Measurement”

“Angus Deaton” has won this year’s “Nobel” prize in economics which is welcomed by this blog. He is one of leading figures in the area of “Economic Measurement”. He has made significant contributions to better measurement (and understanding) of consumption, demand functions, saving, poverty, happiness, purchasing power parities and more. We will be discussing some of these contributions in this blog in the future.

Lorenz Curves 2: Definition and Specification

Inference for Lorenz curves requires its rigorous definition and good specifications. This post briefly discusses alternative definitions and ways of specifying Lorenz curves: Continue reading

Hardy-Littlewood Collaboration

One of the most successful collaborations in the history of science has been between two great mathematicians Hardy and Littlewood. They had set the following rules  Continue reading

Folded Normal Stochastic Frontier Model

What is the distribution of absolute value of a normally distributed random variable? Continue reading