The story of my website

A few years ago (back in Iran) I set up a personal website using “Google Pages” (Google’s hosting website at the time) but after a while Google terminated “Google Pages” . So, I had to move to a new free web-host and somehow came up with “”. I asked my brother in law, who is an IT specialist, to help me with setting up of the website and was told to go to Microsoft-Word and create anything I like and save it as html.

I created a website based on the suggestion that seemed good for a while but soon I found my website filtered. When sought for the reason, I realised that the anti-government “green movement” has also been using this host for setting-up their websites and because of that the authorities have filtered all the websites with the suffix of “”. This was the case until I moved to Australia  but, much to my surprise, I couldn’t open the website at the University of Melbourne either. When asked IT about it, they told me that some of “” associated websites have malwares and therefore they have filtered it ( is a web-host with millions of users though, see here).

Anyway, I decided to get a domain and use “Googlesites” to set-up a new website but still kept that Microsoft-Word structure. It turned out that most hosts are not very compatible with the “Microsoft html” set up i.e. the website might look differently on different computers and platforms. So, please let me know if you see issues with the layout of my website on your computer.

I guess the moral of the story is this:  Use prominent web-hosts otherwise your website might be filtered somewhere for one reason or another and also don’t take advice from your brother-in-law!


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