Economic Measurement

The main theme of this blog is “Economic Measurement”. Economists, other social scientists, and policy makers all the time use concepts or data related to income, wealth, consumption, inflation, inequality, poverty, prices, purchasing power parities, productivity, efficiency, housing, happiness and comment about them. Local and international organisations are also heavily involved with measuring these concepts. Nonetheless there are still many conceptual and statistical issues that need to be better understood and measured. There are many researchers including some very distinguished economists [e.g. Angus Deaton, Erwin Diewert, …] working to address such issues. 

There are a number of professional societies devoted to economic measurement. Notable among them are the relatively new Society for Economic Measurement (SEM) which has been founded “to promote research on economic measurement, using advanced tools from economic theory, econometrics, aggregation theory, experimental economics, mathematics, and statistics”. The other is the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (I.A.R.I.W.) with a long history and a large associated community that deals with economic measurement with more focus on income and wealth.

There are also several conferences every year: There is now an annual International conference organised by Society for Economic Measurement (SEM). You can see the program for 2015 here. There are also International conferences organised by IARIW. Look at here for further information. There are also a number of productivity conferences (EWEPA, APPC, NAPW).

Please leave comments if you want to add to these or I have missed something important.


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